How is risky building detection carried out?

How is risky building detection carried out?

In the Law No. 6306 on the transformation of areas under disaster risk, there is a definition of "completed its economic life" for a risky building. In other words, in reinforced concrete buildings built 20 years ago, if there is moisture in the basement of the buildings, if there is rust on the iron in the columns and beams, or if there are serious cracks in the carrier system on any floor of the building, namely in the reinforced concrete column and beam curtains, the building can be risky.
In order to determine whether the building is risky or not, an application should be made to technical companies licensed by the ministry and a technical examination should be requested. It is enough for a person living in the building to apply for a risky building registration. The licensed company, which carries out technical examination upon application, prepares an earthquake risk report. If the building is found to be risky in the report, the licensed company sends the report to the ministry for approval. After the approval of the Ministry, a letter is sent to everyone living in the building stating that the building is risky and that a decision should be made as soon as possible. Thus, all citizens in the building are informed.

Citizens have the right to object to the building's risk report. In case of any objection, the objection commission established within the ministry convenes quickly and makes a decision as to whether the earthquake risk report is correct. If the content of the report is correct, that is, if the building in question is at risk, it is registered that the building is at risk.

When the Objection Commission decides to reject the objection, your building is now definitely registered as a risky building by the ministry and an official notification letter is sent to all flat owners. Within 60 days after this letter reaches the flat owners, you need to prepare the Building Joint Decision Protocol, which will decide how you will build your building and who will have it done, and notify it to the Ministry.

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