Houses or buildings with rotten reports

Houses or buildings with rotten reports

The draft law, which will facilitate the demolition of 10 million houses across the country, has been completed and submitted to the Parliamentary Investigation Commission. After the commission completes its examinations, it will send the bill to parliament for approval by lawmakers. After the bill is approved by the parliament, the demolition and reinforcement of the buildings that have been identified beforehand will be started.

Since the draft law aims to prevent serious loss of life in a possible earthquake, it seems to be an important bill that is overdue. The government, which stands behind the steps taken in this direction until the end, seems to make an effort to put the law into practice, even for the sake of losing votes. There is support from many segments of the business world, from parties that oppose the law.

However, due to the poor understanding of the law, there is uneasiness among the citizens. The fact that the details of the law are not fully clear and some rhetoric is driving the citizens into fear of "My house will be taken away from me, I will be homeless".

However, the law is not enacted to make anyone homeless, as is commonly believed. Contrary to fears, it is issued in order to ensure that citizens living in perishable and unhealthy houses can continue their lives more reliably in durable and solid houses built with today's standards.

While the illegal structures to be determined with the law will be demolished and the wreckage will be paid to the owners, it will be ensured that the owners of the TOKİ houses will be the owners of the houses with a 20-year maturity with reasonable prices and payment conditions. Apart from that, in the demolition of perishable title deed buildings, the right of disposition on the land will belong to the building owners after the buildings are demolished. Building owners who are in good financial standing will be able to construct buildings on their lands with long-term loans with favorable terms of payment, if they wish, or they will be able to make or sell buildings by negotiating with contractors.

Municipalities also have a big role to play in the transformation. Municipalities will be able to identify the regions where perishable houses are located, develop projects there and increase the zoning accordingly. The collective transformation of the buildings within the framework of the projects prepared in certain areas, instead of one by one, will not only benefit the homeowners, but will also enable the construction of high-quality houses with social areas.

This problem of the houses, which had to be demolished before but could not be demolished or any savings could not be made because the majority of the property owners could not be formed, will also be radically resolved.

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