Can Every Building Be Retrofitted?

Can Every Building Be Retrofitted?

All buildings can be technically strengthened. In the structural reinforcement project, the current state of the structure is carefully examined. The existing static and architectural role-play of the building is taken. As described in the earthquake regulation, core samples are made as the material quality used in the building, necessary reinforcement readings and concrete stripping for physical controls. In addition, a seismic ground survey is carried out in order to determine the ground parameters on which the structure sits. In the light of the data and parameters obtained, static modeling of the existing structure is made and its behavior under the influence of vertical loads and earthquakes is determined. Strengthening methods are determined according to the behavior, purpose and process of the building, and a detailed strengthening project of the building is drawn according to the structural earthquake safety conditions.

The building registration documents and condominium title deeds received within the scope of the zoning peace do not prove that the building is safe against earthquakes. In the coming days, the ministry anticipates that there will be a demand for the earthquake safety investigation of the buildings benefiting from the zoning peace and that a report on earthquake safety will be received from each building. Most buildings that do not provide earthquake safety will be strengthened within the scope of urban transformation.

Buildings with a building registration certificate and without zoning will not be able to obtain a building and zoning permit again in case of demolition, if the building does not provide earthquake safety. In this case, strengthening the structure will be the healthiest solution.

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