EKE Construction & Energy Corporation is an experienced company about the water, wind sourced power plants also coal firing and natural gas firing energy plants’ structural and civil construction works. Even EKE has many partially experiences about the construction project of the energy plants, the design– analysis, electricity production & distribution buildings, repair & renovation works even experienced for SCADA Buildings can also be included in EKE Co&En’s scope within TurnKey. In brief, EKE Co&En can provide not only turn-key energy construction projects but also the system designers and engineer as a subcontractor. For the special projects, we can solve the design with multinational partnerships.

EKE's operations are focused mainly on the land of Turkey and MENA. It also has serviced many specific and different projects to Turkmenistan, Papua New Guinea, Dominic Republic, Afghanistan and Northern Iraq, by the contractors. EKE has also a target that is a serious supporter of the companies that will do the energy investment on Renewable Sources. To realize this target, all energy projects experiences and the supporter of the EKE Co&En is ready to mobilize.

Briefly mentioning about the experiences of the company's projects like; Combined Circle Power Plant Tank Farm's LDO/HFO/Water Tanks', Wind Turbine WTGs foundations - roads - trenches' and environment-friendly coal-fired Thermal Power Plants', Switchyards’ designing, implementation for mostly Steel & Cement Constructional works, erection works, detail designing can do and hand over heavily constructional projects by the aid of its operational ability & experience to the clients with owned engineers and workforce.

Headquartered in Istanbul City, EKE Construction & Energy Company is serving Fortune 500 companies in Turkey.


Projects Management & Contracting’s primary goal is to build value per share by:

Due diligence at energy projects

— Development;

Developer Services/ Site finding & feasibility studies/ Grid connection

Environmental assessment / Planning & consenting


— Pre-Construction;

Healthy, Safety and Environment/ Turbine or Generator specifications & Tendering

Electrical engineering design/ Civil –Mechanical Designs/ Procurement & Contracts

ManagementConsenting / Grid Connection Management


— Construction;

Project Management / Owner’s Engineer / HSE / On-Site Monitoring / Contractor Management

Programme & Cost Reporting / Inspection & Commissioning / Commercial Support


— Operation;

Monitoring & Reporting / Continuous monitoring & analysis / Site management & technical

analysis Site optimization & operations assessments / Full asset management / System

Renovations Repairing the whole energy production plant


— Optimization;

Optimizing production operations to control costs /Maintaining a strong balance sheet /

ConsultancyDeveloper services / Pre-construction / Construction management / Operation

Management / Due diligence / Electricity resource.

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